Healing Cycles Therapy

You deserve more than surviving. Heal to thrive.

Dyshni Sritharan, MSW, RSW

Breaking Cycles, Building Compassion.

I work with adult children of immigrants to heal cycles of pain and suffering to feel less anxious, angry and alone.



Childhood Trauma

I want to learn healthy coping strategies.


Alcohol Use

I want to re-evaluate my relationship with alcohol.


Grief and Loss

I want to cope with grief and loss.

“Healing involves discomfort. But so does refusing to heal. And over time, refusing to heal is always more painful.”

- Resmaa Menakem


Support for your mind, body and heart.

I utilize a combination of offering practical strategies/tools and incorporating the following treatments:


Trauma-Focused Therapy


CBT & Trauma-Focused CBT


Solution-Focused Therapy


Internal Family Systems


Somatic Experiencing


Narrative Therapy


Mindfulness-Based Interventions



Helping you unpack the past and/or create a new future – the choice is yours!

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A new way of being.

Have you tried to help yourself heal by working hard on the outside (focusing on accomplishments, achievements and appearances) only to still feel like you are not good enough?

If so, I invite you to embark on a journey of healing from the inside out. Discover the path to a wholehearted and authentic life, where true fulfillment awaits!

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Ontario only.

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    Land Acknowledgement:

    I, Dyshni Sritharan, affirm that I am a settler working on stolen lands. I acknowledge that there are 46 treaties and other agreements that cover the territory now called Ontario. I am thankful to be able to work and live in these territories. I am thankful to the First Nations, Metis and Inuit people who have cared for these territories since time immemorial and who continue to contribute to the strength of Ontario and to all communities across the province.