Healing Cycles Therapy


  • 50 minutes for $160
  • On-going consistent sessions (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
  • 75 minutes for $190
  • On-going consistent sessions (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Two to five sessions – 50 minutes per sesson for $160
  • Short term therapy that addresses symptoms rather than the causes.

  • Great option for individuals who have limited number of sessions covered by private/employee insurance benefits.

  • 75 minutes for $200
  • Single session with the goal for you to leave with a plan and resources to be able to take action towards making that small step in the direction you want to move forward.
Connect via phone (647) 558-4370

You may have questions.

  • The consultation is a no-obligation appointment for you to explore if we will be a good fit. This initial consultation serves as a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other better. As you share your concerns and reasons for seeking therapy, I aim to actively listen and understand your unique situation. After this, I will share what services I provide and how I can best support you.
  • If, for any reason, I believe that another therapist might be better suited to meet your specific requirements, I have an ethical obligation to provide you with appropriate referrals.
  • My hope is that you will end the call feeling some or all of these emotions: relief, clarity, understood and hopeful. How you feel during and after the call matters!

Not for now, currently all services are virtual – phone or video. These telehealth appointments are secure and confidential, all you need is a secure internet connection.

All payments are to be made through Interac e-Transfer. Payment for sessions are due at the start of every session. Upon receipt of payment, I will provide you with a receipt for your records, which may be used for insurance/benefits reimbursement purposes if you are covered.

Trauma is often categorized as Big “T” and little “t,” with Big “T” traumas linked to PTSD and life-threatening experiences. However, little “t” traumas, such as emotional neglect or loss of significant relationships, can also have a profound impact on individuals. While they may not meet the criteria for PTSD, repeated exposure to little “t” traumas can cause emotional harm comparable to a single Big “T” event. Empathy and acceptance for the impact of little “t” traumas are essential, as minimizing their effects can lead to adverse coping behaviours and cumulative damage over time.

It is entirely normal and understandable to have reservations about discussing difficult or painful memories. It is crucial to acknowledge that healing does not necessarily entail recounting every detail of the past. We focus on the trauma symptoms that are presently showing up in your life through triggers, memories, flashbacks, dreams, body sensations and impact on relationships.

  • You can or you don’t have to, it depends on what you want to do. I am here to support you at your own pace, understanding that some individuals find solace in discussing the past, while others may not. Rushing through painful experiences without structure will not lead to faster healing. Instead, we aim to delicately address your wounds, allowing for gentle and profound healing, empowering you to move forward with strength and reintegration. 
  • I truly believe that you deserve a space that considers all of your identities. A place where you don’t have to explain your culture because that takes time and energy away from your healing. I personally understand how it feels to find a therapist that gets all parts of you!
  • Therapy for all cultures, identities, abilities and bodies